Christoph Fischer Award for Outstanding Literary Fiction 2015

What an honour, Christoph, to be in such excellent company, and to have my work valued by a writer of exemplary literary fiction such as yourself. Thank you so much. A great end to 2015 for me.


922159_10151345337037132_1303709604_o (1)In Literary Fiction two writers have dominated my kindle this year so much that making a choice between them was impossible. So instead of a short list and one winner, here are two deserving winners and apologies to everyone else who’s written great literary fiction this year.

“Fatal Eclipse” by Dermot Davis 


A fascinating story that begins unassuming with a wedding scene. When Jonathan hesitates to say his ‘I do’ this starts an examination of his personal issues – by his wife and by a therapist. What follows is a well plotted story that gathers pace nicely and touches on more serious topics, such as mental health issues, thus taking psychological thriller to more than one meaning. B1B+rJ57VOS._UX250_
This is excellently written with a perfect blend of dialogue and narrative to give us insight into the well drawn characters.
There is a therapist in therapy that works very well in the…

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