Max Power’s 100th Review on amazon – The Max Power Choice Award – a special book carefully chosen

I am humbled and delighted to receive this award – especially from such an accomplished author as Max Power – and deeply touched by the comments made here by fellow authors. These Indie authors have become my friends and my family over the past few years, and I couldn’t have received a finer tribute from them.

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This award is given in this instance to the book for which I have posted my 100th review on amazon. However the selection of this particular book by this particular author is indeed a choice and no accident.   This very special award is given to an author who epitomises excellence in their craft. The winner of the Max Power Choice Award for 2015, can go to none other than the very wonderful Lesley Hayes.

It is called the Choice Award because as I approached my 100th review, I considered all the reasons why a writer should get prominence as my 100th review.  It is after all a milestone and I felt it should be marked by a genuine and talented writer. As it happens this writer inspired me to write my very first review for her wonderful The Drowned Phoenician Sailorand she has inspired me ever since.

There are few writers…

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